An introduction to Breathwork and Emotional Wellness

“Every emotion is connected with the breath. If you change the breath, change the rhythm, you can change the emotion."

-Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Welcome to Week Four of OM Wellness: Our Mental Wellness

For our final week of wellness tools and exploration, we enter into the realm of emotion and breath.

These two are intricately interwoven.

Pause and consider, what kind of breathing patterns do you experience during different emotional states?

Do you have times during high emotional moments where you may even hold your breath or hyperventilate?

The practices offered this week deal with breathwork (exercise, regulation, and play with the breath) to help release any stuck energy, memories and even emotions within the body.

As you move and listen to the practices this week, consider what types of breath you do throughout these practices.

What is your relationship with breath and emotion?

Can you see any relation between the two?

What type of breathing do you notice most throughout your day-to-day activities?

This is your chance to really notice and strengthen your connection to your breath and emotional wellness.

Let this come with joy and play.

Sometimes work like this can feel very serious and even overwhelming.

Remember, these are new tools for you to try.

You can always set them down and come back at a time when you are ready for them.

What will you plan to do this week to help support your breath and emotional wellness?

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