Our opportunity for global wellness is approaching

During a time of incredible chaos, we are being asked to go within to explore our own self healing and self care so that we can all collectively move towards global wellness together.

Join us as our nOMad teachers and affiliates offer their movement therapies, somatic healings, meditations, akashic records readings, and more self care modalities to give you the time and space to create your own personal wellness regimen.

It started with a Global festival...

In March 2020, nOMad founder, Phoebe Leona and nOMad teacher, Jen Eyring, saw the need to bring community together as we were being asked to social distance from one another with the world-wide spread of the pandemic.

In feeling the fear and anxiety and sensing that many of us would also need a place of mental "refuge" while being asked to stay home and away from others, Phoebe gathered together her teaching friends and other healing colleagues to put on nOMad's first online Global Festival, nOMad & Beyond.

The amount of offerings from these generous teachers & facilitators was incredible.

With 35+ teachers, healing facilitators, and shamans from around the globe, nOMad & Beyond Festival was a gift and solace for the attendees while having to be quarantined and socially distant during a terrifying time.

We have put together some of these teachings and recordings into a self-paced wellness course for you ton continue to be a support through these transformative times.

Dive in deep to these practice so you may receive and find the solace right now for your own wellness and mental vitality.


Martin & Marie Richtsfeld

Akashic Records Reading and Gong-Sound healing

Bali, Indonesia

Phoebe Leona

Mvt109™ somatic and dance therapies

West Virginia, USA

Prem Bodhi

Self-Love meditation and pranayama

Barcelona, Spain

Ashley Leach

Parent and Child Yoga

Maryland, USA

Colby Rolando

Energy healing and Meditation

New York, USA

Ashley Ludman

Breathwork and Meditation

Costa Rica

Samantha Fulton

Therapeutics Yoga

New York, USA

Emily Rose & Peter Squires

Yoga & Ambient Sound Healing

Colorado, USA

Zoe Wood

Breathwork and meditation teacher


Jen Eyring

Self Acceptance Yoga and Meditation

Texas, USA

Abigail Elizabeth Fischer

Sound healing and Singing

New York, USA

Example of OM Wellness Course

  Welcome to OM Wellness
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  Week One: Mental Wellness
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  Week Two: Physical Wellness
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week Three: Breathe-In for Emotional Wellness
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week Four: Spiritual Wellness
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Final thoughts
Available in days
days after you enroll

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